Sao Paulo Gezilecek Yerler

sao paulo gezisiSao Paulo Gezilecek Yerler Yazısını Sao Paulo da yaşayan bir arkadaşımdan yazması için rica ettim. Onun gönderdiği Sao Pulo Gezilecek Yerler yazısını ingilizce olarak aynen yayınlıyorum.

Sao Paulo Places to visit: Mercado municipal: A very tradicional city market down town where you can find a large variety of fresh fruits from all over the world, special meats, fishes, cheeses, condimets,

etc. And also try our famous pasteis and the tradicional mortadela sandwich.

Jardins : A lovely part of the city, very green and well kept. I recommend this area for a day out cafe hopping and shopping and check out some of the amazing stores from the expensive to less expensive. There are plenty of 5 stars restaurants, hotels and stores (@ Oscar Freire Street)

Parque Ibirapuera: If you like to workout and love to do so on vacation, this is the best place in Sao Paulo fot that.  It features a lot of threes, lakes and other natural beauty that is not easy to find in a city like Sao Paulo. On the weekends it can get pretty busy. People running, walking, skating, ridding their bicycles, etc. Its also a very good spot for you to just  walk your dog, have a meal, visit one of the museums or sit and relax.

Museum of football: Even if you don’t like football, you’ll enjoy. This museum is very interactive, you can even feel like you are in a stadium, as well as understand a little bit more about the passion Brazilians have about football. For english speakers: it is good to bring your passport.

Botanic Garden:  More than 1200 plant species and lakes. Very calm and nice place to spend some good hours with family and friends…

Other attractions to be seen are: the conservatory, the museum, the garden of the senses and there is also a restaurant, though many people prefer to go for pic-nic.

It costs R$ 5 (adults), R$ 2,5 (senior and kids over 6 years old) and young kids are free.

İn addition, you cannot leave Sao Paulo without going around Paulista Avenue, the most important avenue of Sao Paulo with an extensive shopping area and to Latin America’s most comprehensive fine-art museum, MASP. In downtown, besides the Mercado Municipal, Se Catedral and the Municipal Theater are also traditional places to visit.

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