Sao Paulo Gezi Yazısı

Ilha belaSao Paulo Plajları Restoranları ile ilgili olan bu Sao Paulo gezi yazısı için Sao Paulo da yaşan Brezilyalı bir arkadaşımdan yardım istedim. Onun bana gönderdiği Sao Paulo gezi rehberi içinden seçtiğim Sao Paulo plajları ve Restorantları yazısını olduğu gibi bana gönderildiği şekilde İngilizce olarak yayınlıyorum.  Beaches: Ilha Bela : (230km from Sao Paulo). Here you can go from beautiful beaches to waterfalls.

It is a bit of a hike to get to Gato waterfall, but its worth seeing. There’s also a pool at the bottom where you can swim. Some of the beaches are: Bonete (can be reached by boat and is surrounded by mountains) , Juliao (quiet beach and super clean water) and Baia de Castelhanos (pretty beach with nice waves for surfers).

Santos: (72km from Sao Paulo). Here there is a nice mixture of history, port city and beaches. You can go visit The stadium of Santos Futebol Club (team that Pele played most of his career); Memorial das Conquitas, where Santos Futebol Club receive visitors and tourists interested in learning about the glorious history of achievements at the club; The Museum of Brazilian Coffees and there is also the longest beach front garden in the world according to the Guinness Book, with 5335 meters long. Besides that, Santos is the biggest seaport in Latin America.

Maresias: (180km from Sao Paulo)Scenic beaches with mountains in the background, white sand, huge waves and good restaurants to go. There’s also a very popular nightclub called Sirena.



Famiglia Mancini: This busy little cantina is well loved for both its cuisine and its location. There’s an incredible buffet with cheeses, olives, sausages and every type and pasta kind imaginable, and more than 30 different sauces to match. Portions are huge, enough for two, or often three.

Terraco Itália: This sophisticated restaurant serves good food, but the main reason to come here is its location. Based near the centre of Sao Paolo on the 41st floor, the panoramic views are amazing.

Bolinha: This restaurant specializes in “Feijoada” since 1940 and is famous in Sao Paulo for it. They offer the regular and a “lighter version”. Is the place to go if you want to have your first feijoada experience.

Coco Bambu: They serve excellent sea food and have and expansive menu. It’s best to make a reservation before and to go with a group so that you can try more dishes at the time. They also have very large portions, feeding 3 or more.

Mori sushi: Great sushi place, nice and different items in the menu. They have a “all you can eat sushi” option, that costs R$71,00 and is everything fresh and tasty.

Tordesilhas: Brazilian high gastronomy. The chef was inspired by her roots in Pernambuco (a state on the north-east coast) to work mostly with local ingredients and to highlight regional dishes, such as carne-de-sol, a relative of beef jerky, served with mashed squash and cumin; For dessert, try the cupuaçu ice cream an Amazonian fruit.

Che Bárbaro: It’s considered the best Argentinean churrasco in Sao Paulo. The meat is always at its perfect point, juicy, and full of flavour and the salad is perfectly tempered and seasoned.

Kaa: Delicious French-italian food and amazing design. The dining space at Kaá is dominated by a 8m-high and 70m-long wall covered in more than 7,000 plants native to Brazil’s Atlantic forest. (Kaá means “forest” in Tupi language). Once you are inside, there’s no visual connection with the city outside.

Spot: More than 10 years old and always trendy, stylish and busy. It’s crowded, but you can have drinks at the bar while expecting. Once you get one table, the service is quick. You can find beautiful people and try good drinks and great dishes like the “penne al limon” and the “oriental penne”.

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