Sao Paulo Gece Hayatı

coco bambu restaurant2Sao Paulo da yaşayan Brezilyalı arkadaşımdan yazmasını istediğim Sao Paulo Gece Hayatı yazısını onun bana gönderdiği şekilde olduğu gibi yayınlıyorum.

– Bars: Vila Madalena District: is a very good option for those who love bars, live music and a lively street scene. Vila Madalena has a large option of bars with

typical brazilian music, food and drinks. Aspicuelta Street gets pretty busy on the weekends.

Pé de manga: is a bar where besides the mixed fruit caipiroskas (typical drink), you can find yourself in a great atmosphere, surrounded by mango trees and you can also find in the menu everything from sandwiches and smaller dishes to feijoada.

Bardot: A’boteco’ is the term for a small but lively Brazilian bar. Bardot is part boteco, part bistro; They can play from Jazz to Bossa Nova, and have DJ’s on the weekends. they serve potent martinis as well as caipirinhas.

Sky bar: On the roof of a beautiful work of design hotel building, you can have drinks by the pool on a clear night. Some days it get too crowd so make sure to come not so late and leave before it gets too busy. You can also eat over there, the food is really good, but a lot of people use to go after eating, and just have some drinks – The menu has a large selection of drinks, including some interesting versions of the typical Caipirinhas (all available with several brands of cachaca).On cold months make sure you have a light coat.

Drosophyla: It’s a fashionable little bar with distinctive drinks such as the basil or lychee caipirinha, equally creative options of food, and the menu changes often. You cannot tell by looking at the entrance the cool atmosphere this bar has to offer on the inside.

Nightlife :

Villa mix:  It is a very popular setanejo (country music) night club. They have a large dance floor and stage for live music. They combine DJ’s with house music and Sertanejo. The house gets always full, so be sure to arrive early and its also recommended to put your name on the guest list. Another option for setanejo music is Wood’s. The place is smaller but also very famous and you can have lots of fun dancing along the live music played all night. But you need to be early as well.

D-edge: Very good nightclub with electronic and house music, 3 dance floors with great design and beautiful decoration. Arrive early and leave late.

Lions: There are two dance floors and a lounge, nice view of Se Catedral, with different music styles depending on the day of the week. It can go trough rock, pop, electronic and groove music.

Royal: Better on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Royal is a privet nightclub with mostly black and house music. Despite being a small nightclub, it always gets busy mainly because of the music and drinks.

Ballroom: A stunning place, with gorgeous people and great music.

Club Josephine: Great DJ’s with black music on Saturdays, beautiful people, good location and beautiful decoration.

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